Eagle Eye Lasik

Just had my last post lasik consultation with Dr Julian Theng at Eagle Eye Centre in Singapore yesterday. It was great to confirm that I've recovered well and I have 6/6 vision now (or 20/20 depending on where you are from).

Getting my lasik done at Eagle Eye was the best decision ever. I was actually worried about a lot of things but during the consultation, the staff in the centre were really friendly and patient in answering all my doubts and offer great advice.

In the end, I chose to perform Bladeless Lasik over EPI Lasik since the recovery time is lesser and I can gain back 90% of my vision the next day. By the way, EEC provides the service where consultation and checks are in the morning, and the surgery is in the afternoon. Everything done within a day, sweet.

The surgery was quick and almost painless. There's only a short moment when I felt something squeezing my eyeballs real hard. However, before that Dr Theng already prepped me that I'll feel pressure on my eyes for 30 seconds, and he even did the countdown. In fact, everyone in the clinic will tell you what they will be doing and for what purpose before everything; the checks, vision tests, medicine, surgery, etc. It was really comforting even though I was really anxious.

It was truly a wonderful experience :) Oh, and I got discount for mentioning my friend who recommended me, and you'll get a few presents after the surgery from Dr Theng himself ;) Nice guy!